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A Writer's First Aid Kit

Don Rutberg

No matter what you write, or plan to write - screenplays, TV scripts, children’s book, novels, nonfiction books, magazine articles, comic books - this book will show you how to get started, how to get ahead and what to expect from the marketplace. Or just use professional writing services at AssignmentHolic.co.uk and get any type of assignment you need on time. 

When you’re an outsider, it’s not a matter of who you know - because you don’t know anybody - it’s what you know.

Learn how to get noticed by agents, producers and publishers. 

Learn how to adapt your work into different formats, including TV/Film treatments. 

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Learn about contracts, copywriting; what to do once you’ve finished your script/book/article.

Acquire show-biz savvy without moving your family or selling your soul - well, at least without moving your family. 


A Writer's First Aid Kit

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